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Mahjong World

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By playing through the game, you can unlock a secret set of ancient tiles. Some of these tiles are earned through experience and some are awarded for cunning. There are small layouts for when you need that quick Mahjong fix, or huge layouts for when you have a lot of time on your hands! Gentle oriental music and sounds will sooth your soul as you match tiles.

  • Enchanting music.
  • Collect mystical items.

Genre: Card
SubGenre: Mahjong
ESRB: Everyone
Free Trial: Yes
Current Download Rank: #5083

Mahjong World Screenshots

Mahjong World Screenshot http://games.bigfishgames.com/en_mahjongworld/screen1.jpg

Mahjong World Screenshot http://games.bigfishgames.com/en_mahjongworld/screen2.jpg