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Featured Hidden Object Game
Immortal Love 2: The Price of a Miracle

Big Fish Editor's Choice! This title was chosen for its high standard of quality and amazingly positive reviews from our Game Club beta testers. 4 Friends Games proudly presents the newest addition to the Immortal Love series! A childhood friend has offered to sell your father a very rare artifact. He's agreed to meet with you and your father at the local tavern, but something feels amiss. This artifact is hiding a dark secret, and a mysterious brotherhood will do anything to get it! Can you use the artifact to save your friends, or will you fall prey to its powerful magic? Find out in this exhilarating Hidden-Object Puzzle adventure! See what our Beta testers had to say: ""I loved this game. The story line and the graphics were terrific! The pace of the game was right on spot." - Frank, beta tester "I LOVE this game!! It has a fabulous story, very original, that held me spellbound for the entire trial. In addition to the great graphics, gameplay is fast-paced, with easy navigation and extremely logical from scene to scene. Congratulations on an excellent new game!" - Haley, beta tester

Hidden Object Games
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Immortal Love 2: The Price of a Miracle
Can you stop the Brotherhood of Stone Masks in time?
The Curio Society: The Thief of Life
Can you stop a destructive scientist before it's too late?
Haunted Legends: Faulty Creatures
There's been a murder at Count Oldgrey's!
Santa's Christmas Solitaire
Make your way around the North Pole and discover clues to help you solve a mystery in this festive and story driven solitaire game.
Christmas Stories: The Gift of the Magi
Help your little sister get a second chance this Christmas after she gets on the naughty list.
Adam Wolfe: Flames of Time
Act as Adam Wolfe, an investigator of the paranormal. Discover an occult world hidden in modern San Francisco!
Surface: Virtual Detective
Investigate a virtual reality program that's turning some players comatose.
Mystery Case Files: Broken Hour
Uncover the mystery of Huxley's Boarding House before time runs out!
Beyond: Star Descendant
Travel beyond our galaxy to bring your lost son back home.
PuppetShow: Bloody Rosie
Can you solve the mystery behind a local woman's death?
Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 5
Enjoy Pinecreek Hills at its best! Have a sensational summer vacation helping the Rangers run the park in its centennial year.
Whispered Secrets: Song of Sorrow
Can you stop the malevolent Siren in time?
Chimeras: Mortal Medicine
Your new dream home has become a deadly nightmare!
Clutter VI: Leigh's Story
The new Clutter is here! Enjoy over 500 new objects, new play variations and follow Leigh's story!
Dawn of Hope: Skyline Adventure
Uncover a secret from the past to save your dying father!
Secrets of Great Queens: Old Tower
Can you clear her name before it's too late?
Dead Reckoning: Death Between the Lines
A sudden murder overshadows the writing opportunity of a lifetime.
Rite of Passage: Deck of Fates
You've been dealt a deadly hand...
Lost Lands: The Wanderer
It's time to begin your journey to help a ghost captain and save the world.
Grim Facade: The Red Cat
When the Red Cat is upon your door, you're next!
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(981 Games)
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