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Featured Hidden Object Game
Immortal Love: Black Lotus

Big Fish Editor's Choice! This title was selected for its exceptional quality and overwhelmingly positive reviews from our Game Club beta testers. 4Friend Games proudly presents the next thrilling installment of the Immortal Love series! The joyous eve of your wedding is interrupted when your fianc receives a mysterious black lotus and falls ill! While she rapidly ages, it's up to you to find the flower's sender and save her before it's too late. Do you have what it takes to stop history from repeating itself and save an entire village? Find out in this spell-binding hidden-object puzzle adventure! See what our Beta testers had to say: "I absolutely enjoyed playing this game! The artwork was beautiful with vivid colors in the graphics. The characters were perfectly voiced. The mini games and hidden objects were creative. This game was outstanding. I cannot wait until the full version is released!" - Patricia, beta tester "Thanks for the beta! I love 4 Friends Games! Their games are long-lasting and I feel I get my money's worth. The storylines are always engrossing...and tragic, but I get so wrapped up in them! Fantastic gameplay, love the hidden object scenes. The puzzles are actually fun to work! I know I'll get this game when released. I look forward to any game from this developer!" - Marcus, beta tester

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Immortal Love: Black Lotus
Can you defend the townspeople from the dangerous black lotus?
Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 7
Spend a summer helping rangers run the Pinecreek Hills National Park and go on an adventure packed with great HOGS and puzzles.
Secrets of the Lost Caves
Follow the story of a young woman exploring a fantasy world full of unique treasures!
Mystery Tales: The Other Side
These free TVs may be too good to be true...
Dark Parables: Return of the Salt Princess
Explore kingdom ruins and meet the exiled Salt Princess.
Nevertales: Creator's Spark
Can you and your father escape a mystical and dangerous realm?
Haunted Hotel: Lost Dreams
Mark's reality unravels as he discovers the truth about his life.
Scarlett Mysteries: Cursed Child
Experience a steampunk hidden object adventure full of gothic horror and fascinating puzzles!
Vermillion Watch: In Blood
Ghastly murders in Whitechapel foreshadow the return of the Red Queen!
Wanderlust: What Lies Beneath
It's the find of a century, but will you live to tell about it?
Demon Hunter 4: Riddles of Light
A young demon hunter finds herself time traveling back to ancient Egypt to wield the Gauntlet of Horus to stop an ancient deity.
Royal Detective: The Princess Returns
Princess has disappeared, and her statues are under attack!
Enchanted Kingdom: Fog of Rivershire
Save the citizens of Rivershire from a terrible plague!
Lost Grimoires 2: Shard of Mystery
Use your knowledge of alchemical arcana to save the young prince from the clutches of dark magic!
The Forgotten Fairy Tales: Canvases of Time
Travel through alternate realities to restore the fabric of the universe!
Mystery of the Ancients: Black Dagger
Can you stop the townspeople from paying for a dark past?
Hidden Expedition: The Golden Secret
Recover the artifact that contains the secrets of H.E.L.P.'s past.
Myths of the World: Love Beyond
Save the town and free your husband from a witch's vengeance.
Hiddenverse: The Iron Tower
Save the kingdom by casting down it's evil dictator in this imaginative hidden object game set in a steampunk world.
PuppetShow: The Curse of Ophelia
Can you save the young starlet from the wicked doll's curse?
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(993 Games)
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