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Glass Masquerade Review

by Erika on 07-18-2017

Enjoy the full sensory experience of Glass Masquerade. Delve into this mosaic puzzle game that will take you around the world as you solve puzzles based on stained glass artisans of the 20th Century & art deco design. The myth & allure of each country will be unlocked as you progress through the 25 levels of visually pleasing gameplay. A challenging albeit relaxing & satisfying experience is yours for the taking.

We hope you take & enjoy the aesthetically pleasing journey into Glass Masquerade!

Dark Realm: Guardian of Flames Walkthrough

by Erika on 07-17-2017

Look to our Dark Realm: Guardian of Flames Walkthrough to guide you on your journey to assist Queen Valeria in the challenge of a lifetime. Evil the likes of no other is threatening her realm, and as the last remaining Fire Wielder she is sworn to protect her world from treachery and destruction.  Join her on her quest to banish this looming darkness of evil. When all else fails refer to our walkthrough full of helpful tips and screen shots to move you through the classic hidden object areas and variety of mini games that you will encounter. Hurry and join the fight to banish the Dark Lord in this epic saga - time is running out!

We hope you enjoy our Dark Realm: Guardian of Flames Walkthrough!

Ghost Files: The Face of Guilt Review

by Erika on 07-14-2017

Boston PD Detective Emily Meyer is in pursuit of a serial killer in this heart pounding hidden objects adventure Ghost Files: The Face of Guilt.  Collect and analyze the evidence as you hit the streets of Boston to hunt down the notorious “Guilty Man.” With no solid leads and just gut instinct you are offered help from Sarah – a psychic who vows to help you uncover this treacherous killer. Take assistance where you can get it detective as this is no simple open and shut case!

We hope you enjoy Ghost Files: The Face of Guilt.

Laruaville 6 Review

by Erika on 07-14-2017

Ahoy Mates! The lure of the sea is calling in Lauraville 6.  Explore a brand new challenge in this exciting pirate adventure. Immerse yourself into the superior graphics and witty storyline as you gather your coins and navigate obstacles in order to progress. Plundering pirates left behind evidence of where they buried their treasure and our favorite ghosts are out for the hunt!  Move with skill and purpose as the island only reveals itself for a short period of time – so remember time is of the essence. Join the ghosts as they race to uncover the treasures of the sea in this hotly anticipated Match 3 – Spot the Difference adventure!

We hope you enjoy Lauraville 6!

Mystery Trackers: Memories of Shadowfield Walkthrough

by Erika on 07-06-2017

Our Mystery Trackers: Memories of Shadowfield Walkthrough is waiting to guide you through the mysteries of your mind!!! Use our easy to follow instruction & colorfully illustrated screen shots to help you uncover the mystery behind the disappearance of Ann McPherson. Be warned this is no ordinary case, as you are suffering from severe nightmares and significant memory loss. But have no fear because with the help of our walkthrough guide, Mr. Jenkins & your good buddy Elf you will be fully prepared to solve this missing person’s case. Explore the inner depths of your mind, because it is in there that the secrets of this case are found. Waste no time and get in on the mystery!!!

We hope you enjoy our Mystery Trackers: Memories of Shadowfield Walkthrough.

Happy Clinic Review

by Erika on 06-30-2017

A new addiction is waiting to be acquired! Happy Clinic is the latest & greatest time management adventure waiting to engage you in unique and challenging activities. Get your medical career in gear as you progress through international hospitals while ensuring the highest quality healthcare. Treat and diagnose disease and ailments while creating a better environment for the ailing. But expect the unexpected as you encounter many unique and creative methods for patient care. You will not be disappointed in this gem of an adventure!

Take a chance and get in on the fun! We hope you enjoy Happy Clinic!

Rescue Team 7 Review

by Erika on 06-27-2017

Never fear Rescue Team 7 Collector’s Edition is here to save you from the summer doldrums! Jump into 70 levels of pulse pounding adventure as you rescue townspeople, needy animals, maintain and procure resources and rebuild communities. Develop your strategy as you explore the crisp graphics and animation as you delve into the havoc left behind by Mother Nature.  There is a method to this madness after all, as each building you construct will provide certain benefits & resources that will allow you to complete your mission in an efficient and timely manner.

Hurry and join the adventure there are people, animals and townships waiting on you!

We hope you enjoy Rescue Team 7 Collector’s Edition!

Bush Whacker 2 Review

by Erika on 06-23-2017

Need to relax and free your mind? We’ve got the game for you Bush Whacker 2! This totally addictive light-hearted and fun game will satisfy your desire. Endless adventure is waiting if you dare. Enjoy pastimes like whacking bushes – fishing – hunting – adventuresome quests and a plain and simple good time with this sweet indulgence.  Treasure is yours for the taking as you attempt to help the natives solve their quests. Creative & interesting puzzles abound to keep you on your toes. Explore to your heart’s desire in this awesome adventure quest!

We hope you enjoy Bush Whacker 2!

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