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Incredible Zoo Walkthrough

by Erika on 04-29-2016

In Incredible Zoo, you'll discover that maintaining a zoo is harder than you think in this fun and exciting time & resource management game. It is up to you to care, feed, and clean up after the animals. If you are unable to keep up the pace, the zoo will close and all will be lost! Keep busy and get to work in this fast-paced and exciting time management adventure. Feel free to look to our Incredible Zoo Walkthrough to help you navigate the trials and tribulations of zoo management.


Love Chronicles: Beyond the Shadows

by Erika on 04-26-2016

In Love Chronicles: Beyond the Shadows, Lerione is in the battle of a lifetime with no one other than herself! In this latest edition of Love Chronicles, Lerione is seduced into the Shadow World... a world of complete opposites. Help her navigate her way through the forces of good and evil that lurk within. Will she be able to stand strong for good or will she succumb to evil and leave the world in peril? Jump in and help to decide …the fate of the world is in your hands!

Spirits of Mystery: Family Lies Walkthrough

by Erika on 04-20-2016

In Spirits of Mystery: Family Lies, you'll discover that some family secrets are meant to be buried forever, but, with our help, you will uncover the mystery of this family in no time! Turn to our Spirits of Mystery: Family Lies Walkthrough to help you solve the mini games and hidden objects areas with speed and ease. Filled with vibrant screen caps and simple instructions, you will solve this captivating caper and save the family once and for all!

Cadenza: Havana Nights

by Erika on 04-14-2016

What happens when a dream vacation takes a horrifying turn? Find out in Cadenza: Havana Nights, a s thrilling hidden objects adventure game set in 1952 Havana, Cuba. Enjoy the music, romance, and sinister circumstances as you move through this challenging and exciting hidden object game.


Frankenstein: The Village

by Erika on 04-12-2016

In Frankenstein: The Village, Janet and Brad need your help solving the riddle of Frankenstein Burg in this hidden objects game. Being stranded in a strange village proves to be a harrowing experience that they never anticipated.


Fear for Sale: The House on Black River

by Erika on 04-05-2016

In Fear for Sale: The House on Black River, Emma Roberts has been called upon to investigate the mysterious disappearances that have occurred at this reclusive ranch. Join her in her efforts to find her friend and vanquish the evil that has ravaged this once flourishing ranch estate.


Tales of Terror: Estate of the Heart Walkthrough

by Erika on 04-01-2016

Welcome to the Heart Estate where the unexplainable is the norm. Use our Tales of Terror: Estate of the Heart Walkthrough loaded with colorful screen caps and useful tips to help you navigate the strange experiences that take place within this spooky abandoned mansion. As part of an investigative trio, it is up to you to unlock the mysteries within the walls of the Heart Estate. Beware, as legend has it those who enter never leave! Enter at your own risk.


Exclusive Sale for CGG Readers! Buy One Get One Free at Big Fish Games

by Tracy on 03-24-2016

Hey everyone! Easter is coming and we've got a great way to spend your holiday... with an eggcellent (sorry, I couldn't resist) deal exclusively for our readers! Right now, when you buy one game at Big Fish, you'll get one FREE! Just use coupon code CGG2FOR1 and click here!

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