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Island Tribe 5 Walkthrough

by Andrew on 05-28-2014

Consult our Island Tribe 5 Walkthrough as you prepare yourself for the journey of a lifetime in this exciting new addition to the Island Tribe franchise. Struggling to attain those coveted expert times? Check out our detailed instructions and custom screenshots to help you overcome the odds and rack up those expert ratings on each and every level!

Luxor 2 HD Review

by Jason on 05-27-2014

In Luxor 2 HD, you'll take a wild ride through Ancient Egypt where you'll be regaled with riveting and realistic background graphics, smooth gameplay, and fast-paced marble popping action that will please even hardcore Luxor enthusiasts.

Grim Tales: The Vengeance Review

by Tracy on 05-23-2014
Examine the evidence in Grim Tales: The Vengeance, as you attempt to use your ability to know an object's past simply by touch to discover if your nephew James really did kill his only sister Elizabeth. Travel to the past and search for clues at James' trial. But beware, you're not alone in your journey. Some sinister force is lurking in places no other being should be and is attempting to thwart your investigation! 

Lost Tales: Timeless Fables Walkthrough

by Tracy on 05-22-2014

Our Lost Souls: Timeless Fables Walkthrough is live and prepared to guide your steps through the faded yellow pages of classic literature as you help Bella search for her missing brother, Stan. Use our detailed and resourceful instructions, our custom marked screenshots, and our helpful puzzle solutions whenever you begin to stall in your adventure.

Phenomenon: Outcome Review

by Tracy on 05-20-2014

In Phenomenon: Outcome, events of your past come to light as your childhood token guides you to a strange island where a cyan sickness threatens to overtake the inhabitants. Now, it's up to you to track the source of this deadly plasma and stop it from seeping in and stealing the life force of all humankind.

Forgotten Books: The Enchanted Crown Review

by Tracy on 05-16-2014

In Forgotten Books: The Enchanted Crown, you'll be drawn into a magical world hidden deep within the aged pages of an ancient book. Help the poor inhabitants of this world of whimsy as they attempt to overthrow the reigns of the dark mage Eldor in this enthralling hidden object adventure game.

Next Stop Review

by Tracy on 05-15-2014

Go all aboard with Next Stop, a charming train inspired time management / resource management game that features fast paced and challenging gameplay. Put your strategy skills to the test as you help Margaret rescue her family's business from the greedy hands of the bank by traveling across the country repairing the railroad.

Royal Detective: Queen of Shadows Walkthrough

by Andrew on 05-13-2014

Our Royal Detective: Queen of Shadows Walkthrough has now been completed and is at your service to help you solve this amazing hidden object adventure game! A princess has lost her mother and has requested the aid of her most trusted Royal Detective! Help the princess the Queen with the assistance of our detailed, step-by-step instructions, customize marked screenshots, and easy puzzle solutions. 

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