Viking Saga Walkthrough

Trust our Viking Saga Walkthrough to bail you out of any and all frustrating situations as you attempt to help the youngest viking brother find the man who cursed his father's ring. Our helpful tips and tricks as well as our comprehensive video solutions we've compiled will help turn the tide and deliver those expert returns you crave.

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by on 06-28-2013     

Apparently Vikings are pretty in right now, as this is the second time management game I've played in the last month or so to feature these seafaring people of old.

And, while Viking Saga wasn't my favorite game, it certainly had its moments that made it worth dedicating some time to its ultimate defeat.

I did appreciate the fact that Viking Saga was a little different than the traditional resource management game. Instead of collecting tons of resources, you actually had residential buildings that produced silver, which allowed you to purchase your resources from farms and saw mills. It was a nice deviation that made gameplay a touch more interesting.

This added element certainly made it a little challenging since I was so used to just running around and grabbing stuff, and there were definitely some levels that needed to be repeated before I finally earned my gold stars.

So to make sure that no one else ran into any insurmountable problems, we've put together a Viking Saga Walkthrough for you to consult with anytime you run into a particularly challenging level.

VIking Saga Walkthrough

As usual with our time management walkthroughs, we've got some great tips and tricks to help you sort out your strategy as well as a comprehensive Viking Saga video walkthrough of each and every level you'll come across, so you can see exactly how it's done.

So before you start channeling the Viking berserkers of old and letting loose your frustration on the world around you, take a deep breath and check with our Viking Saga Walkthrough to see what you can do to help alleviate your problems. You and everyone around you, will be glad you did!

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