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Hey all!
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by on 11-29-2008     
Hey all!

This will be a quick blog since I'm trying to get some packing done before classes tomorrow and then I'm heading home for Thanksgiving!

The Treasures of Mystery Island was a really fun game. Its similar to Magic Encyclopedia so if you liked that game, you'll love this one! The game is quite challenging when it comes to finding objects and even I'll admit that I had to use a few hints. The mini-games are fun but no too hard or frustrating. The graphics are great and the storyline is pretty good too. I would have had this done much sooner but alas we are nearing finals and reports, essays, and papers are due, oy! Better late than never as they say, I hope you find the guide helpful.

I have already downloaded Nancy Drew Dossier: Lights, Camera, Curses to start as my next guide so keep and eye out! Hopefully I can start it during my short turkey day vacation. Several other HOG's have been released in the past few weeks so be on the look out for a quick review of those also.

Till next time, have a Happy Thanksgiving and remember, don't drink and drive, have a safe holiday everyone!
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