Time Mysteries: The Final Enigma Walkthrough

Let our Time Mysteries: The Final Enigma Walkthrough be your companion as you use your wits, and your magic, to set the past to rights. Esther Ambrose is used to dealing with strange requests from her uncle, but when his latest favor ends up sending her off to fix the timeline, she just might be in over her head. Still, Esther will do what she must to save the future by traveling through time to save not only Merlin, but also his family. Our helpful hints, step-by-step instructions, and custom screenshots will be your guide as you face the fickle past to right the future.

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by on 02-02-2013     

The only thing I love more than a game dealing with magic is a game with a strong female lead, so when I read the description for Time Mysteries: The Final Enigma, I was intrigued. A magical woman traveling through time in order to save not only Merlin, but also the world?

Count me in!

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There are a lot of things to love about Time Mysteries: The Final Enigma. The plot is pretty spiffy, and really keeps the game moving. The world itself is lovely, and I was very pleased with the character design. I also thought the way you move between times was pretty ingenious and saved me from a lot of useless running around. I appreciate a map that cuts out the middle areas.

I was also super happy with the puzzles, which were Difficulty Level: Liz (and by that, I mean almost stupid simple). I enjoy feeling like a competent person, but I get the feeling this mean many people might by annoyed by the ease with which they complete some of these little mini-games.

I also have a feeling many of you playing in Regular Mode may develop a distaste for the little green sparkles that glitter to let you know where you’re supposed to be doing something. I enjoy a little nudge in the right direction as much as the next semi-competent gamer, but the "clues" in Time Mysteries: The Final Enigma were maybe a little over the top. When you have sparkles showing you which items need to me modified in hidden object areas and leading you through certain puzzles, you might have a sparkle problem.

One area I didn’t find stupid-simple was the navigation. As I mentioned earlier, this is a time traveling game and the "map" lets you jump around (quite nicely, if a little too often) from time-to-time and place-to-place. And while that’s awesome on cutting down on the aimless wandering around it meant there were a loooot of areas to keep track of.

I’m not the kind of person who can easily remember where this or that item was last seen, so you can imagine my relief to have our Time Mysteries: The Final Enigma Walkthrough along for the ride. Whenever I wasn’t sure where or when I was supposed to go, I could just reference the helpful hints of our amazing walkthrough guru.

I can only imagine what my stress levels would have looked like if I’d tried to keep all those time zones straight on my own.

So, if you’re looking to give Time Mysteries: The Final Enigma a try, might I suggest allowing our Time Mysteries: The Final Enigma Walkthrough to be your dependable assistant on the journey? It’s one way to ensure your adventure is timely.

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