Off the Record: The Italian Affair Walkthrough

Our Off the Record: The Italian Affair Walkthrough has been completed and now waits to guide your investigation through the gorgeous streets of Venice as you pursue a thief known as The Fox. Put your trust in our detailed instructions, our simple puzzle solutions, and our custom marked screenshots as you search for clues to help you track down this famous criminal.

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by on 05-08-2014     
In Off the Record: The Italian Affair, you step into the shoes of an investigative journalist who's about to take a little R&R on a trip to Venice. Unfortunately those plans were skewed just a bit as you learn of the return of a famous criminal known as The Fox. 
The Fox is somewhat of an Italian Robin Hood, stealing from the corrupt and giving to the poor, and you know whatever has caused him to return to his old ways must be the story of a lifetime. And since you were headed to the very city where he has struck, it seems as though fortune has other plans for you other than a relaxing vacation. 
While your tour book might not help you out during this thrilling investigation, our Off the Record: The Italian Affair Walkthrough is sure to offer up exactly the tips, hints, and advice you'll need to complete this amazing hidden object adventure game. 

Off the Record The Italian Affair Walkthrough

Our Off the Record: The Italian Affair Walkthrough is bursting with everything you'll need to do to conduct a proper investigation as you follow the trail of the elusive fox. 
Rely on our comprehensive step-by-step instructions, our simple solutions to all the puzzles you'll encounter, as well as beautiful custom marked screenshots detailing all the key items and locations you'll need to pay attention to. 
So before you step foot in the beautiful city of Venice, be sure to pack our Off the Record: The Italian Affair Walkthrough!


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