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Our Northern Tale Walkthrough is your hand guide to helping King Ragnar engage in ferocious battle with the evil witch bent on destroying his lands. The dark crone has kidnapped Ragnar's daughters, laid waste to his lands, and set loose her evil minions upon his kingdom. Now, it's up to you, with the help of this handy walkthrough to fight through 45 levels of intense resource management gameplay in order to free the world from her icy grip.

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by on 11-27-2012     

The days are getting shorter now, and the air is cool and crisp with a sharp bite to it that will make you long for a steaming cup of hot cocoa. These are the days I love to wrap up in my favorite blanket, and sit out on the porch, soaking up the chill like most people would soak up the sun.

Mind you, I said chill, not cold. There's a reason I live in Florida and not Vermont. If it drops below freezing, I'll run screaming for a fire or burrow under an electric blanket with its setting cranked to third degree burns.

But chill... chill I can handle. Chill is that special place in the low 60s to high 50s. Chill lets me sit outside without a snow suit, drinking a warm beverage, and playing a fun game while I watch the sun slowly set and the dark winter night settle in over me like a cool blanket.

With a setting as beautiful as this, it's no wonder I found myself in the thrall of the strategy intensive resource management game Northern Tale.

Northern Tale Walkthrough Intro Screen

Who doesn't want to combat an evil witch, using druids and exorcists to fight her minions as you collect ore, food, and gold and fight tooth and nail to save your kingdom and rescue your three daughters? The only problem with this scenario.... Northern Tale is hard... I mean ridiculously challenging, enough to set my addictive nature into overdrive. I ...must... get... three... stars.

You know what this means... I made Ann do a Northern Tale Walkthrough so I could maintain my blood pressure and not scream at my husband if he dared to interrupt a level where I was down to the wire with one evil plant left.

As always, with our resource management walkthroughs, for the Northern Tale Walkthrough, we've included video solutions of each and every level in addition to step-by-step instructions on exactly what to do for each area so you can get that coveted 3-star rating too. She even lets you know which of the three bonuses you should use on each level in order to optimize your strategy, which was extremely helpful since I always forgot to use the darn things.  

So, if you find yourself repeating a level over and over again, and you need some expert advice, look no further than our Northern Tale Walkthrough for assistance. 

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