Northern Tale 2 Walkthrough

Our Northern Tale 2 Walkthrough chronicles the adventures of Ragnar, leader of the Vikings, as he attempts to restore his kingdom to its former glory and defeat the evil witch Gesta once and for all. We've compiled step-by-step instructions as well as video solutions for each and every level to aid you in your quest to gain three stars in this extraordinary time management game.


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by on 12-03-2013     
Northern Tale 2 is an exceptionally well done sequel to the popular Northern Tale adventure, picking up where you left off in the previous game. 
It includes some of the same fast-paced gameplay you've encountered in the original, along with some upgraded graphics, a fantastic musical score, as well as a compelling storyline. 
Plus, it has Vikings... you can't go wrong there... 
And to help you enjoy your Viking experience all the more, we've put together a Northern Tale 2 Walkthrough to lead you through obtaining those coveted three star ratings for each and every level. 
Northern Tale 2 Walkthrough
As usual for our time management walkthroughs, we've included video solutions of each and every level along with detailed instructions to help guide you through the steps you need to take to earn your stars. 
It's everything you could possibly need to step up to the challenge of this highly entertaining and exciting time management game. 
So before you let that frustration mount, don't forget to consult with our Northern Tale 2 Walkthrough to discover all the answers you need to create a winning strategy.


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