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Our Nearwood Walkthrough will be a trusty guide as you join Jane Lockwood on an adventure of a lifetime as she travels to the world of Nearwood in search of her long lost father. Use our detailed directions, our simple puzzle solutions, and our beautiful custom screenshots to help Jane right the wrongs of her father's past and drive the shadow creatures from this enchanted land. 

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by on 09-06-2013     
The days are slipping by too fast... why is it always like that when you're on vacation. Your average work week, the hours seem to crawl by, but when you're relaxing and enjoying yourself, it's like the day can't end quick enough... sigh... oh well. On to the game.. 
Now, I never got a chance to review Nearwood officially, but I did get to play it, and I have to say that it definitely impressed me with its unique story and gorgeous graphics. The game is almost like playing a really good book, with a story you can sink your teeth into and get lost in the gameplay. 
Ultimately it was a great game and an enjoyable experience to write a Nearwood Walkthrough, and we hope to see a sequel to this new franchise in the works soon. 
Nearwood Walkthrough
After many long hours of gameplay, we've put together a comprehensive Nearwood Walkthrough with all the information you'll need to help Jane find her father, drive out the shadow creatures, and rescue the time keepers from their prison in oblivion. 
So whether you're just looking for a specific solution to a puzzle, or you're not sure where to turn next, or you're just not comfortable traveling through this enchanted world on your own, don't forget to refer to our Nearwood Walkthrough!


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