Kingdom's Heyday Walkthrough

Our highly anticipated Kingdom's Heyday Walkthrough is now ready and waiting to guide you through the trials and tribulations you'll face as you help the princess transform her kingdom into a prosperous realm while the king is off fighting useless wars and playing soldier. Use our detailed instructions and our custom marked screenshots to help you in your quest to earn those coveted three-star ratings as you make your mark on history as a great ruler in this fast-paced kingdom builder.
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by on 12-26-2013     
If you're a fan of open world city builders then your going to love the new time management game, Kingdom's Heyday
From the developers of the popular Green City series, this game is everything your little heart desires... extremely challenging, fast-paced, with a fun medieval twist.
Join the princess, as she watches her father run off on yet another pointless excuse to brandish his sword and play war hero while the kingdom around her suffers. This time, however, she is determined to do something about it, and sets off on a quest to help her home became the prosperous land she knows it can be. 
And lo and behold, we've just posted a Kingdom's Heyday Walkthrough to help you meet her goals and conquer this exciting time management game. 
Kingdom's Heyday Walkthrough
Our Kingdom's Heyday Walkthrough has everything you're looking for when it comes to discovering helpful tips and hints on how to earn achievements and score three-stars on each and every level... no small task. 
We've made sure to include detailed, step-by-step instructions along with helpful screenshots, custom marked to give you all the help you'll need to earn those high marks. 
So whenever you encounter a level that's giving you trouble, don't despair! Our Kingdom's Heyday Walkthrough is here to guide you! Enjoy!


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