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Our Kingdom Rush Walkthrough is the perfect primer for honing your defensive strategies as you prepare to wage war against the evil hordes assaulting your castle. Rely on these insider tips, tricks, and video solutions to each and every level as you gear up for the fight of your life.

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by on 07-08-2013     

A little while back, I may have mentioned that Mollie Ollie Oxen Free had suffered a broken leg. No, she wasn't training for the dog agility championships, and she wasn't chasing down a stray Frisbee over a vast body of water.

No, much like her owner, she's a bit of a klutz, and, while she was running through the house to get her dinner, she slipped on the tile, which caused a spiral fracture in her leg.

Well, five months later and a whole lot of metal in her leg, she's as good as new. That is until the other day, when I noticed a tiny area, just a bump really, that had become swollen and started to bleed a little. I hoped it was just nothing... maybe she hit it outside or something... but then I saw the screw.

Yes, a screw was sticking out of my dog's leg. I bravely cleaned the wound and discovered that the screw indeed was loose and came right out when I gently tugged on it. Awesome. Back to the surgeon's we went. That made my day, let me tell you.

What's my whole point with this ramble... well I think the point is... nothing can prepare you for staring at your dog's leg and seeing a screw. However, we can prepared you for the onslaught of enemies you'll face in the intense tower defense game Kingdom Rush by providing you with this comprehensive Kingdom Rush Walkthrough.

Kingdom Rush Walkthrough

OK, that might have been lame, but I couldn't help it. I had to share my horror with someone besides the vet.

But seriously, our Kingdom Rush Walkthrough is going to give you an edge as you tighten up your defensive strategies and face one of the toughest tower defense games we've ever played.

We've included tons of helpful hints as well as intel on the towers, enemies, and bosses. We've also managed to compile a slew of videos demonstrating how to beat each and every level of the game, so you can see the levels play through and use this to make adjustments to your own personal strategy.

Also, just for fun, we threw in some of the one-liners you'll hear in the game as well as the reference they are making.

So while the world of pet ownership is still up in the air... you really never know what you're going to come home to sometimes... I'm happy to report that the world of tower defense is still reliably persistent, allowing you to prepare with resources like our Kingdom Rush Walkthrough. Enjoy!

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