Gardens Inc. 2: The Road to Fame Walkthrough

Our Gardens Inc 2: The Road to Fame Walkthrough provides detailed, step-by-step instructions and custom marked screenshots as you prepare to help Jill and Mike take their gardening business to the next level! Weed, water, and plant your way through 50 intense levels of this exciting time management game as you strive to achieve those coveted expert ratings!

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by on 05-05-2014     
In Gardens Inc 2: The Road to Fame, you'll once again pick up a rake and join Jill and Mike as they prepare to take their gardening business to a global marketplace! All they need to do is win a contest and contracts from all over the world will be at their fingertips!
However, when the nefarious Cliff Gold escapes from prison, he'll stop at nothing to ensure our beloved duo never meet their goals!
So get ready for another exciting adventure into the world of gardening in this entertaining sequel to the original Gardens Inc game. 
And to help increase your chances of success, we've managed to put together a comprehensive Gardens Inc 2 Walkthrough!
Gardens Inc 2 Walkthrough
In our Gardens Inc 2 The Road to Fame Walkthrough, we've included everything you're going to need to know in order to achieve those expert times. 
That means whenever you come across a level you just can't seem to beat, you can always rely on our step-by-step instructions and custom screenshots to see you safely through!
So don't give up when you encounter some difficulties! Just head on over to our Gardens Inc 2 Walkthrough and we'll lend a helping hand as you attempt to clean up the neighborhood!


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