Demigods Walkthrough

Our Demigods Walkthrough is a tell-all guide that is well equipped to get your through even the toughest levels with a perfect three-star rating (looking at you level 5). Enjoy our detailed, step-by-step instructions along with our video solutions to each and every level as you tackle this extremely challenging time management game.

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by on 03-12-2014     
I'm not sure if I would have paid much attention to Demigods if it weren't for the sudden cries of help that appeared on our request a walkthrough section for this game. 
However, so many people were having trouble getting three stars on just level 5 that I couldn't help but see what all the fuss was about. I thought maybe the questions were just from people who weren't familiar with resource management games like this one... being an expert, surely I would have no issues getting through level 5... 
Yeah.... not so much. No matter how hard I tried, and clicked, and planned, I could not, for the life of me, get through level 5 with anything close to three stars... 
I knew what this meant... I had to call in the big guns. And that's why our resident resource management expert, Ann, was gracious enough to show us how it's done with her Demigods Walkthrough
Demigods Walkthrough
Not only has she included video gameplay in her Demigods Walkthrough of each and every level so you can see exactly how she achieved three stars, but she also included each and every step she took in the form of written instructions so you're sure to never miss a crucial step in your gameplay. 
So thanks again for all of your requests. I promise we do listen! And we serve up your requests as quickly as possible. Please enjoy our Demigods Walkthrough and keep those requests coming!


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