Christmas Stories: A Christmas Carol Walkthrough

Take a peek at our Christmas Stories: A Christmas Carol Walkthrough when you're feeling a bit lost on a crisp, snowy evening as you traipse through your Uncle Scrooge's life in an attempt to save him from his miserable self. Make good use of our detailed, step-by-step instructions, our beautiful, custom marked screenshots, and our comprehensive puzzle solutions to overcome the obstacles you'll encounter in this magical hidden object adventure game.

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by on 12-11-2013     
It's been a little difficult this year getting into the Christmas spirit, what with all the family trouble, but we sure are giving it all we got. 
During a recent chemo round at the hospital for Tracy and her husband, my husband and I decided to assume the role of Santa by sneaking into their house and decorating it for Christmas so that, by the time they came home, they would arrive in time to see a fully decked out house complete with twinkle lights and mistletoe. 
Of course, that whole process took a lot longer than planned, mainly because my husband is a bit of a perfectionist and took 6 hours on the roof lining up each individual light and clipping it perfectly to the house. Don't get me wrong... it looks beautiful, but perhaps it didn't really need to be lined up so perfectly... 
Oh well, the important thing is that it's done and it looked beautiful, and they were so over the top thrilled it made me want to weep with happiness. 
So after that little injection of Christmas fun, I felt more than ready to face the new Christmas Stories game this year. Of course, it helped that we had a Christmas Stories: A Christmas Carol Walkthrough all ready for me to unwrap whenever I needed it. 
Christmas Stories A Christmas Carol Walkthrough
Even playing on causal mode, I sometimes get confused as to what's going on... I know, shocking, right? Some little clip would play and an important item would fall, and then I would forget all about it five minutes later when I actually had the item I needed to pick it up. 
But that's what walkthroughs are for anyhow, right?! 
Our Christmas Stories: A Christmas Carol Walkthrough has it all, from detailed instructions from start to game end, to custom screenshots all marked up for me to easily see what I needed to do, to easy solutions to all the puzzles that can be found in the game. 
Because really... don't we have enough frustration this time of year with all the shopping and planning and commitments? Who wants to get frustrated by a game that's supposed to be relaxing? Right? 
So pour yourself a frothy glass of eggnog, (don't forget the Southern Comfort), and settle in for a relaxing night, because our Christmas Stories: A Christmas Carol Walkthrough has your back!


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