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Use our Botanica: Into the Unknown Walkthrough to follow Dr. Ellie Wright as she explores the strange and lush world of Botanica. After being stranded on a strange planet, Dr. Ellie Wright finds herself in a beautiful world filled with exotic plants and strange new creatures. Determined to find her way home, Dr. Wright must work to make friends with the natives and discover a way to outwit the crafty Queen Kassandra. Use our detailed directions, custom screen shots, and insider info to navigate the beautiful world of Botanica as you search to find a way home.

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by on 11-13-2012     

While I’ll be the first to admit, my normal favorite kind of hidden object game has a lot more scares and spooks, let me tell you: I was pleasantly surprised by Botanica: Into the Unknown. Even though it’s pretty different from my usual cup of tea, I found the switch to be quite refreshing. This was a beautiful, interesting game that kept me hooked the whole way though.


As perhaps some of you are aware, I am a directionally challenged individual, both in the real world and in game. I’m terrible with maps, and typically spend the lion’s share of my time just trying to figure out where I’m supposed to be going.

Imagine my delight, then, when I discovered that Botanica: Into the Unknown is played in segments. By this I mean, you complete an area and once that’s done and you’ve moved on, that area closes. No running around, no getting lost, just play and move on. I was so happy I almost burst into tears.

For me, the loss of being lost meant I could dedicate that attention to actually playing the game, which was pretty awesome. The graphics and music were both lovely, and I really enjoyed exploring this strange new world. I also loved the hidden object areas and puzzles, which were unique and kept me interested in playing.

In all, Botanica: Into the Unknown was nothing but a good time, and using our Botanica: Into the Unknown Walkthrough helped me keep the good times rolling.

I loved being able to check my gut feelings about a puzzle against our walkthrough guru’s amazing advice. The custom screenshots, insightful hints, and step-by-step instructions helped me keep going when frustration began looming its ugly head.

There’s nothing I enjoy more than winding down at the end of a stressful day with a fun and exciting game, and for me Botanica definitely fit that bill; especially since I had our Botanica: Into the Unknown Walkthrough to keep me company. 

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