9: The Dark Side Of Notre Dame Walkthrough

Our 9: The Dark Side of Notre Dame Walkthrough will keep you safe as you come face to face with living gargoyles, stalking the streets of Paris. Track down the ones responsible for unleashing this dark magic and rely on our step-by-step instructions, custom screenshots, and puzzle solutions to help you shed some light on this exciting mystery.

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by on 02-27-2013     

I've always been a big fan of gargoyles... ever since the noble and reliable Goliath charmed his way into my Saturday morning cartoon lineup, I've been smitten with the idea of these stone guardians, keeping watch over the city at night.

So, when I saw that 9: The Dark Side of Notre Dame featured gargoyles as the mysterious denizens of the night, responsible for plucking women off the streets right in the middle of some serious festivities in Paris... well... who am I to resist? 


But if you think I'm going to tackle this midnight in Paris alone... you're crazy. So our team got right to work on creating the 9: The Dark Side of Notre Dame Walkthrough.

In classic CGG style, this walkthrough has everything you'll need to complete this truly extraordinary game, including step-by-step instructions from start to finish, paired with our marked up screenshots, showing you exactly where all key items are.

And, more importantly, the walkthrough has solutions to all the puzzles you'll encounter... and man are there are a lot in this game. Don't get me wrong, they are beautiful and very unique puzzles... it's just that they are the kinds of puzzles that can have you scratching your head for a bit so having these solutions handy can save you from an anxiety attack if you can't seem to figure them out. I'm talking to you Liz. 

So, as you travel through the streets of Paris and explore every crevice of the famous cathedral of Notre Dame, don't forget to keep our 9: The Dark Side of Notre Dame Walkthrough close by. You never know what treachery you're going to find lurking in the darkness.

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