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Bridge to Another World: Alice in Shadowland Collector's Edition

Big Fish Editor's Choice! This title was chosen for its high standard of quality and amazingly positive reviews from our Game Club beta testers. 4Friends Games invite you to explore another exciting realm in the next installment of the Bridge to Another World series! You've just been kidnapped and brought to a curious place called Shadowland. The person who abducted you claims you are the beleaguered kingdom's prophesied savior. No pressure! All you want is to get back home, but when your shadow is stolen, you are suddenly trapped in Shadowland for better or worse. Now you must help a group of rebels fight a vindictive Princess and her cruel cronies. Are you up to the task? Find out in this wonderful Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game! See what our Beta testers had to say: “Hubby says "publish it quick!" I spent several minutes just looking at the intro page, the details were really fine. The wave motion was perfect, and what a pretty screen! What I really enjoyed about this game was the running story line and the interaction of the characters, it gave more reality. The graphics and the characters movements were top notch. The colors were nice jewel toned and not dark and foreboding.(boring) I look forward to more games like this from 4 Friends. You Guys rock!” - Sarah, beta tester “Great adaptation of an original kids story I was raised with. Good fun with excellent map, help, graphics c\w nice story & adventure. The match-3 fight was a nice touch for me. Thank-you for this beta look-see play time. I'll look forward to the release.” - Thomas, beta tester

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Bridge to Another World: Alice in Shadowland Collector's Edition
Stop the evil Princess of Hearts and discover your true destiny!
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Can you save the Metzengerstein line before it's too late?
League of Light: The Gatherer Collector's Edition
Return to Blake's Mountain to save an innocent family!
Vermillion Watch: Moorgate Accord Collector's Edition
Who broke the agreement between good and evil?
The Keeper of Antiques: The Revived Book Collector's Edition
Can you save your uncle before it's too late?
Hidden Expedition: Midgard's End Collector's Edition
Set out across the globe to stop the end of the world!
The Curio Society: New Order Collector's Edition
Can you stop a heartless criminal before it’s too late?
Redemption Cemetery: At Death's Door Collector's Edition
Can you help the tormented spirits before it's too late?
Edge of Reality: Ring of Destiny Collector's Edition
It's up to you and your canine companion to save the city!
Whispered Secrets: Everburning Candle Collector's Edition
A fire at the local asylum takes on a supernatural life of its own!
Fear for Sale: The House on Black River Collector's Edition
Is fear the price or the reward?
Living Legends: Bound by Wishes Collector's Edition
In Wishville, all dreams come true, for a price.
Grim Tales: The Heir Collector's Edition
Some family heirlooms are more trouble than they're worth...
Royal Detective: Legend Of The Golem Collector's Edition
Golems are taking over Glanville, and only you can stop them!
Mystery Trackers: Paxton Creek Avenger Collector's Edition
Someone's made it their personal vendetta to bring down the Mystery Trackers.
Reflections of Life: Dark Architect Collector's Edition
You've been summoned to save the Fantastic Worlds from evil!
Hidden Expedition: The Fountain of Youth Collector's Edition
There’s more to this restoration project than meets the eye.
Ominous Objects: Trail of Time Collector's Edition
The mountain town of Glockenverk is in the grip of a dramatic and deadly cold spell. Set out with your trusty feline friend, Mr. Jenkins, to crack the case!
Spirit of Revenge: Gem Fury Collector's Edition
Someone's out for revenge, and she'll stop at nothing to get it.
Eventide: Slavic Fable Collector's Edition
Experience an authentic Slavic legend! Save the creatures from destruction!
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