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Paranormal Files: Enjoy the Shopping Collector's Edition

This game is English only.Elephant Games proudly present the next exciting case in their new series Paranormal Files! Rick Rogers is back for another case, and this time he’s going undercover as a security guard to investigate a series of strange paranormal events at the local mall. Can Rick figure out what’s been causing the other guards to have mental breakdowns, or will he lose his own mind in the process? Find out in this dark hidden-object puzzle adventure game!

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Paranormal Files: Enjoy the Shopping Collector's Edition
Can you uncover the paranormal activity haunting the mall?
Mystery Trackers: The Fall of Iron Rock Collector's Edition
Can you stop a mad mayor and his destructive robots?
Wanderlust: The City of Mists Collector's Edition
Can you uncover the hidden city and save your mom in time?
Happy Chef 3 Collector's Edition
Discover your inner Chef and open the restaurant of your dreams with this fun time-management game!
Hidden Expedition: Neptune's Gift Collector's Edition
Can you uncover the origins of a dangerous ancient artifact in time?
Endless Fables: Shadow Within Collector's Edition
Your friend was taken. Are you brave enough to find him?
Edge of Reality: Great Deeds Collector's Edition
Can you stop an ancient legend from coming to life?
Grim Tales: The Nomad Collector's Edition
A series of museum robberies leads to a shocking discovery!
Bridge to Another World: Gulliver Syndrome Collector's Edition
Can you find Gulliver and escape Lilliputia in time?
Edge of Reality: Hunter's Legacy Collector's Edition
Can you save escaped magical creatures before it’s too late?
Enchanted Kingdom: Descent of the Elders Collector's Edition
Only you can stop the crystals raining down on Tar and stealing energy.
Nevertales: The Abomination Collector's Edition
The Abomination threatens to erase all worlds from existence!
Phantasmat: Remains of Buried Memories Collector's Edition
Escape a terrifying hotel with a haunted past.
Mystery of the Ancients: No Escape Collector's Edition
Get lost in a haunted house that keeps changing!
Fright Chasers: Director's Cut Collector's Edition
When a young man is apparently abducted by spirits at an abandoned movie theater, you rush to investigate. You arrive to find truth to the tales as you encounter specters from the very movies shown in the theater! Can you navigate dangerous films to save the living in time?
Dark Romance: Hunchback of Notre-Dame Collector's Edition
Can you save the city from the dangerous criminal Quasimodo?
Detectives United: Origins Collector's Edition
Three legendary detectives join forces to solve a horrible crime!
Katy and Bob: Cake Cafe Collector's Edition
Katy and Bob are back in their 3rd adventure! Do they have what it takes to run a successful bakery?
The Andersen Accounts: The Price of a Life Collector's Edition
Can you save the city from a dangerous magic-wielding criminal?
Myths of the World: Fire from the Deep Collector's Edition
Can you help stop an ancient evil in time?
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